Are Healthcare Startup Founders Doomed By Dilution?

I recently stumbled across a 2013 Business Insider article titled, “Why It’s Better To Sell A Startup for $20 Million Instead of $200 Million” and it got me thinking. In 2011, when Arianna Huffington and her two co-founders sold The Huffington Post, AOL paid a whopping $315 million after only 6 years of operations. I would’ve expected the namesake of the organization to have made a killing in the deal, however given significant equity dilution, Ariana took home only $18 million or 5.7% of the value despite the company using her last name.

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Welcome Post: Why I created Healthcare Pizza?

Hello world. First off, thank you for choosing to read this blog. Whether it was the “Healthcare” or “Pizza”, I am honored to write for you. As you’ve probably ascertained, I want the tone of the blog to be creative, fun, and full of pizza puns. My goal is to fill a hunger about digital health and healthcare innovation space, serving up slices of weekly health-related insights in an easily digestible format. Think of this as a super bootleg version of reidhofman.org (founder of Paypal and LinkedIn), for healthcare instead of tech, without any of the accolades, experience, wealth, or intelligence.

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